A Faulty Water Distribution System Could Lead to Disaster

A Faulty Water Distribution System Could Lead to Disaster

That's why you need a hydrant flow test in Londonderry, NH

Picture this: an unexpected fire breaks out in the middle of town. Your fire department tries to use a nearby fire hydrant to douse the flames but the hydrant won't work. Fire hydrant testing could have prevented this disastrous moment.

Black Water Fire Protection LLC is your go-to source for hydrant flow test service in Londonderry, NH. We've helped many fire departments and fire marshals make sure that their water distribution systems are in top condition. Find out more about the importance of hydrant testing now by calling 603-777-7407.

Stay prepared for an emergency

When's the last time you got a hydrant flow test? These tests are required by the NFPA because they can determine water availability for firefighting activities, fire sprinkler systems and domestic water demand. They also can help determine the condition of the local water distribution system. Any closed valves or wall deposits can be identified and reopened.

A well-maintained water distribution system is essential to local safety. It allows firefighters to extinguish flames, which in turn allows them to halt the spread of damage and save lives. Consult a fire hydrant testing expert from Black Water Fire Protection in Londonderry, NH today.